Keith Morehouse

After a pathetic start to the contest (no 6M openings and a myriad of self-inflicted computer problems), the contest turned itself around on Sunday and provided a couple of decent 6M runs.  When I went to sleep Saturday at midnight, I had a total of FIFTY contacts and a lot of thoughts about exactly WHY I was doing this and had worked hard all week with the new antenna system.

The 6M openings were OK, but not excellent and too few, and the jury is STILL out on whether FT8's opioid grip on vast tracts of hamdom has hurt our capability for running rate.  I still suspect it has, but it's hard to prove unless we see a nice, extended opening.  I had a couple of 80/hr full hours, which is nothing, and there were A LOT of signals on 313, which I was watching on the SDR waterfall screen, even when the band was producing 40-over openings on SSB.  I made it a point of (foolish ??) pride to get OFF digital when SSB could be run at any rate.  There is just NO rate to be had on FT8 - too much weirdness and sketchy operating technique.

Anyway, the 2019 June contest was better then the last several years, but didn't produce anywhere near the conditions needed to run up a good score against the "east".  Special thanks to KK6MC for a rover run out in my direction on Sunday that produced a bunch of usually un-worked mults.  Running 6M with Duffy showed the new, higher 6M antenna really opens up close-in possibilities  Unfortunately, I STILL was unable to work MY OWN grid on any band.  I really need to get the XYL a license...

50:   440 x 162
144:  29 x  25
222:  6  x  6
432:  5  x  5

TOTAL CLAIMED  480 x 198  => 97,218


6M:  7el @ 65', 7 el @ 40', fixed 5 el @ 25' - 1000W
144:  2M5WL @ 45' - 600W
222:  222-5WL @ 70' - 500W
432:  432-9WL @ 75' - 1000W


Keith J Morehouse
Managing Partner
Calmesa Partners G.P.
Olathe, CO