Jonesy W3DHJ

Once again the ARRL SEP VHF presented as the triumph of hope over
experience. Very little Front Range participation -- at least
detectable by me. Reading Phil, N0KE's report reveals more Colorado
activity on the western slope. There were some "interesting" incidents
in the contest, but any reward of spending some 18 hours in a car seat
just did not seem to be there.

The first hour score was 4 -- 2 Q's
The second hour score was 25 -- 5 Q's
The four hour score was 49 -- 7 Q's....

It was just 1 1/2 log sheets. There'll be no frantic rush this time
to transcribe it into RoverLog to meet the ARRL submission deadline.
(A much younger ham could've kept the log in his head...)

DXCC 1 , WAS 3

I made more CW QSOs this time than in ALL my previous rover experience
combined! My Saturday CW QSOs exceed my SSB QSOs. Sunday was similar.
I probably screwed up copying one or two of the exchanges, but I was
extra careful in passing my exchange to the other OPs. At least they'll
get log credit. My brain goes blank when the QSO goes beyond the
contest exchange format. My apologies to everyone. I REALLY screwed up
when W9RM asked me to QSY to 6M. Sorry Keith! Worked Larry, N0LL late
Sunday afternoon on 2M CW. One totally surprising 2M CW QSO was with
Ben, KB0ZOM/R in EM09 -- my last QSO in the contest. A tough go - that
one was!

The only QSO into the NM VHF Society group was with K9VSW, DM76

My 432 rig was useless ballast on Saturday. But, on Sunday morning Ray,
AA0L replied to my CQ on 432 and then went to the effort to work me on
2M and 6M. He also helped me figure out where 432.1 is on _my_ antique
rig -- 432.101.5. WB0RRU (very weak) also gave me 2 QSOs on 432. And,
George, AB0YM/R worked me for several QSOs on 432.

Thanks to W0ETT -- who always seems to be there to make an exchange
and/or to lend some moral support. Thanks, too, to George, AB0YM/R who
had a tough go with WX this weekend and S9 QRN from his cellphone
charger (until he pinned it down.) (My WX, in contrast, was sunny, hot,
VERY DUSTY, with light wind.)

It was my firm impression that propagation was Just Crap this weekend.
Maybe it's the carbon attenuation from all of the smoke in the area from
the western North American forest fires. It was so bad even my usual
powerline QRN was down as I drove from site to site. HI!HI!

I have yet to tally my score,
but it would amaze me if it reaches 4 figures.

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