Jonesy W3DHJ

(My emails to groups.io continue to fail...)
Dis-irregardless of my earlier decision to blow off the ARRL SEP VHF
Contest from now on, I will go out this weekend and putz around in
DM77-78-87-88.  A long-time-inactive Colorado rover, KR0VER/r, has
announced his return.  And, he is bringing an OP with him that is
brand new to the Rover "experience".  So, there will be at least three
(3) (me included) Rovers roaming around eastern Colorado for the
contest.  Complaining as much as I have about a precipitous drop in VHF
contest activity in eastern Colorado, I believe it is obligatory for me
to go out and support someone who is "activating" again -- as well as to
support the other intrepid Rover: WB0YM/r.
Saturday Guesstimations:
SAT #1: DM88bb: 1800z~2000z
SAT #2: DM87bw: 2000z~2200z
SAT #3: DM77xw: 2200z~2359z
SAT #4: DM78xa: 0000z~0200+z
Sunday  Guesstimations:
SUN #1: DM78xa: 1300z~1615z
SUN #2: DM77xw: 1615z~1930z
SUN #3: DM87cx: 1930z~2245z
SUN #4: DM88bb: 2245z~0200+z
Even if I wish to QRT early each day, I'll be in place until at least
0115Z -- to avoid driving into the sun on the long drive west to the QTH.
Rover Limited:
6M SSB & CW -- 100W + Halo
2M SSB & CW -- 140W + stacked Halos
432 SSB & 446 FM -- 80W and 8 ele (V & H)
A little more description:   https://w3dhj.net/vhfrover_plans.php
As of now, the TV Weather Guessers show a bright, sunny, but HOT,
weekend for the rove in S.E. Colorado.
73 ES GL to all,

N7OW <nsevenow@...>

Hey Jonesy, 

I'll be roving in northern AZ the first day of the contest. I'll be in DM44,45, 54, and 55 in Saturday at that same time you'll be out. 

Give me a call when you're ready to go and maybe we make contact.

I'll have:
50 moxon 100w
144 12 ele 50w
222 10ele 8w
432 15ele 20w

Thanks and 73,
Ryan - N7OW