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Previously Jonesy W3DHJ via NMVHF[groups.io] lamented:

Well, my original plans for starting out on Capulin Volcano are bust.
Their posted (re)opening date is for JUNE FIFTEEN! I could neither
convince the National Park Service to open on June 13, nor the ARRL
to postpone the contest until June 20.
STOP THE PRESSES!!! I just received an email reply from a query
I left on the NPS Capulin Volcano website's "Contact Us" page!

To wit:

"Hi Marvin. Thanks for contacting us. Our planned re-opening is June
15, however we are in the office and have opened earlier than
expected. We may still need to close to "retool" some of our
procedures, but I am fairly confident we will be open on the 13th."

So, I replied with my intentions to operate as an Amateur Radio mobile
for an hour beginning at noon on Saturday -- and whether or not that
would be cross-wise with their policies in the New Era.

So, unless they tell me to stay away, later today or tomorrow I will
send out an updated Schedule Of Positions.

Last week I prepared 3 .../vhfrover_plans.html pages --
1 without any DM86 activities
1 with the Capulin Volcano starting point
1 without Capulin Volcano, yet starting in DM86bx

Last night I uploaded the 3rd copy and sent out my Rover announcements.
This morning I received the email from Capulin Volcano.
I failed to rely on my Black Belt In Procrastination. Bad on me...

Talk to you soon.
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