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Well, my original plans for starting out on Capulin Volcano are bust.
Their posted (re)opening date is for JUNE FIFTEEN! I could neither
convince the National Park Service to open on June 13, nor the ARRL to
postpone the contest until June 20. Perhaps it is something I can work
into my plans for the CQ WW VHF in July.

So, my current plan is to start the contest in DM86bx about 1-2 miles
south of the Colo-NM border on NM 551. From Google Maps and Google
Street View I should have a good horizon into New Mexico from there.
After an hour or so I will slink back up into Colorado for about a mile
and continue to operate out of DM86bx with a good horizon into Colorado.
Then I'll move a couple hundred yards further north and operate from
DM87ba -- for maybe another hour - and depending on Es condx.

After that I will roll on up to the northern edge of the grid to DM87cx.
I will finish the day's operations in DM88bb.

Sunday will see me doing my old, time proven grid sequence of DM78xa,
DM77xw, DM87bw, and DM88bb -- circling the 38°N, 104°W conjunction.

I'll be operating Rover Limited: 6M SSB-CW, 2M SSB-CW, and 432 SSB-CW.

More details at https://W3DHJ.net/vhfrover_plans.php


SAT #1: DM86bx: 1800z-1910z, NM Hwy 551
then roll up to
SAT #2: DM86bx: 1920z-2030z, CO Hwy 389
then move to
SAT #3: DM87ba: 2045z-2145z,
then a long move to
SAT #4: DM87cx: 2300z-0100z,
then slip up to
SAT #4: DM88bb: 0130z-0200+z,
then enroute home DM78rf47hc


SUN #0: DM78rf47hc QTH: Radio checks (possible contacts?)

SUN #1: DM78xa: ~1200z~1530z Earliest possible "in" time
to latest possible "out" time...
SUN #2: DM77xw: ~1530z~1900z " "

SUN #3: DM87bw: ~1900z~2230z " "

SUN #4: DM88bb: ~2230z~0200+z " "

73 ES GL
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