The Magic Band ( 50 mhz.)


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Onderwerp: The Magic Band ( 50 mhz.)

Hello 6 meter enthusiasts.

Would you be so kind to forward this email to 6 meter radio clubs and anyone who is interested.

I'm SWL since 1971 and began listening in 1988 on 6 meter. Till now I've heard 176 countries (175 confirmed - waiting for the JW7QIA QSL).

I prefer to listen to SSB or CW contacts, but the last years more and more stations using the digital modes, so I can not stay behind.

Last year (2017) the Sporadic E season was super. I know it's easier to hear a rare country or locator, than to make contact with.

For me the real DX with SP/E started half May and the first time with the JT65 mode, I decode many JA stations and VU - A4 - A7 - E44 - 3A (rare one for 

northern Europe, because of mountains in 3A) - 9K - UN7 - DS - YI - BD0 - XE2JS (DL68) - PJ4 - OX - EK7DX - BV - HL. Last good DX (outside Eur.) opening was July 30.

And of course all European countries. 

The reason that I write this is to let you all know - don't think, it's not possible for me because of mountains or whatever. I got e-mails from stations ( who were giving

CQ for a long time without making a contact) who were very surprised that I had decode them and some of them informed me that they have never made contact with Europe. I'm sure that KL7 and VE6 and 7 are possible via SP/ E.

One thing is for sure: you must be patient -  need luck - it's a good help when you know where the ES clouds are, so check the sites, like:  and / or   and of course the sites

in the USA and Canada. 

I hope to hear / decode this year again more new DX stations on the Magic band and remember, keep 50.110 free for rare DX stations.

I'm using a homemade converter in a JRC NRD 545 DSP and the antenna is a 5 elem. dual yagi for 4 and 6 mtr. I hope to install the next month my new ant. the 6 elem.

LFA Quad.

For all a good SP/ E season.  I'm checking 6 meter 24 / 7 during the season. 

All the very best,

Harry - PA3249   This is my page: