NM QSO Party report, AA5B

Bruce Draper

AA5B @ home, Bernalillo County, low power

CW: 214 QSOs
SSB: 258 QSOs
Multipliers: 63 (states + provinces + DX countries + NM counties)
Score: 86,436

Propagation wasn't good, there were 2 periods of high noise levels from local storms, and participation was poor, but I stuck it out for 10 of the 12 hours. Having a TV right next to the station helped -- I watched the Masters' golf tournament all afternoon, followed by the semi-finals of an Ultimate Frisbee tournament ;-)  A bit of SO2R helped keep the mind active, too.

Congrats to KK6MC and N5SJ on good roves, and the other NMVHF guys who braved the conditions (K5TA, K5WO, and N2IC come to mind, but I'm sure there were others).

      Bruce AA5B