New Mexico QSO Party -- This Saturday (COVID-19 update)

Brian Mileshosky

Greetings —

A final reminder that the 2020 New Mexico QSO Party takes this Saturday, April 11 from 8:00am MDT until 8:00pm MDT.  Every ham across New Mexico is invited to participate on HF, 6 meters, and 2 meters.  There are a number of ways to participate safely and enjoyably while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, and we hope this event serves as a positive moment of relief and enjoyment during these challenging times.

We are looking for as many hams — like yourself! — within each and every one of New Mexico's 33 counties to participate in the 2020 New Mexico QSO Party, whether for just a few convenient hours or for the entire event.  This is a super event for new and experienced hams alike.

Important COVID-19 related update: Due to New Mexico Department of Health’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order, just extended through 30 April, mobile operations will not be permitted in this year’s event. Additionally, definitions of the New Mexico Multi-Op operating class and Expedition category have been revised. See event rules for details.

Are you planning to participate this Saturday from the comfort of your home QTH, even for just a short while?  If so, please visit and use the “Contact Us” link to let us know what county you plan to operate from so we can list you on the NM QSO Party’s interactive map and listing.  Encourage your friends to participate, too.  Our goal for there to be many callsigns listed under every New Mexico county.

See you on HF, 6 meters, and 2 meters this Saturday!

Brian N5ZGT
New Mexico QSO Party website: