New Mexico QSO Party -- Logs due this Saturday

Brian Mileshosky

Greetings —

This is a friendly reminder, for those of you who participated in the recent 2019 New Mexico QSO Party, that logs are due (received by email if electronic, or postmarked if hard-copy) by this Saturday — April 27.  

All participants are encouraged to submit their log, regardless of how few or many contacts you enjoyed making during the QSO Party.  Submitting your log allows us to recognize you for your participation and helps us better understand the level of participation in this year’s event.

If you are a member in good standing of a New Mexico amateur radio club, and would like your participation to also help it earn one of the special award plaques reserved only for New Mexico amateur radio clubs, don’t forget to specify your organization's name in your electronic or paper log.

For assistance and details related to submitting your logs, or to verify that your log has been received safe and sound, please visit the New Mexico QSO Party website at

Thanks for participating in the 2019 New Mexico QSO Party!

Brian N5ZGT