New Mexico QSO Party -- Log submission info

Brian Mileshosky

Greetings —

If you participated in last Saturday's New Mexico QSO Party, and have *not* yet submitted your logs, we encourage you to do so.  Even if you only made a few contacts, we’d like to recognize your effort and accurately reflect the level of participation across New Mexico in 2020’s event statistics.

If you are a member of a New Mexico amateur radio club, be sure to list your club's name on your log (one club only, please) so it receives credit towards two special club awards that are up for grabs.

Logs must be received via email no later than April 25 (two weeks following the event).  To submit your Cabrillo-formatted electronic log or scanned paper forms, please send as an attachment to logs@....   We will acknowledge receipt via email and at  

If you happened to take one or two good pictures of your NMQP operation this year, you are also welcome to share it with us at  the email address above. We’ll consider adding it to NMQP’s photo album (

Thanks and 73,
Brian N5ZGT