New Mexico QSO Party -- April 8

Brian Mileshosky

Greetings —

The 2023 New Mexico QSO Party takes place Saturday, April 8 from 8:00am MDT until 8:00pm MDT, and all Hams across New Mexico are invited to participate.  Amateur radio operators from across the United States -- and the world -- will be seeking New Mexicans on HF, 6 meters, and 2 meters during the event period, looking especially to work hams in as many New Mexico counties as possible.  The Land of Enchantment will essentially be the "DX" on this day, making for a great time for all who participate.  Last year hundreds of amateur radio operators around the world participated, including 116 New Mexico hams and 16 New Mexico amateur radio clubs who put 29 of New Mexico’s 33 counties on the air.

This year's event is hosted by the Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club.

We are looking for hams — like yourself! — within each and every one of New Mexico's 33 counties to participate in the 2023 New Mexico QSO Party, whether for just a few convenient hours or for the entire event.

This is a super event for new and experienced hams alike. Operate from the comfort of your home.  Combine forces with hams in your club as a club activity or invite a group of friends to your shack for a multi-op operation.  Hit the road as a mobile station and activate multiple counties which create much needed -- and appreciated -- point multipliers for everyone who participates in the QSO Party.  Use this event as an opportunity to introduce a neighbor or friend to ham radio.  Or rally friends and club members to set up, Field Day style, as part of the special expedition category.

ATTENTION HAM CLUBS: The New Mexico QSO Party is a superb club-building activity, and there are two special awards meant exclusively for clubs.  The first is a plaque that will be awarded to the New Mexico club with the highest aggregate score submitted by its members. Another plaque will be awarded to the New Mexico Club whose members activate the highest aggregate number of New Mexico counties around the state. It doesn't matter what operating category your members participate in, or for how long; each entrant just needs to clearly mark their club name in their individual logs and your club will be automatically entered. Complete details in the New Mexico QSO Party rules.

Great-looking plaques will be awarded and participation certificates will be available for those desiring one.  Complete details, rules, prize information, and more can be found on the New Mexico QSO Party website at 

PLEASE SHARE YOUR PLANS (even if tentative)! Are you planning to get on the air and operate from your home shack, as a mobile station, or portable?  Even if tentative at this point, please visit and let us know what county (or counties) you plan to operate from so we can list you on the NM QSO Party website’s activation table and interactive map.  Our goal is to have as many hams as possible operating from all 33 New Mexico counties during the event.

Please help spread the word about the 2023 New Mexico QSO Party and mark your calendar to join the excitement on the air.

Thanks and 73,
Brian N5ZGT
New Mexico QSO Party website: