N7GP/R Rover plans for this weekend SEPT VHf CONTEST

Tom N7GP

To ALL..
I will starting out 11 am local in DM32 then DM33, DM42, DM43,,will make 2 passes in this loop On Saturday all day into late evening ..
I will be spending the night in DM33 and DM32 running MSk 144 on 6 and 2 mtrs..
On Sunday I will be Starting at 7 am in DM32 then DM33 then DM42 , DM43, Rustlers Roost about 10 am Local 1700 UTC ,,,,then moving thru the afternoon in DM34, DM44 AND ending up DM45 at end of contest.
I will have digital modes on 6, 2, 222 and 432,, and I am looking for Schedules, anytime of day or night.
my Cell is 419-370-8802
call or email for ANY schedules any band!!
September is usually pretty slow,,so I am open to any attempts on any band...
I have all bands 6 meters thru 3456 this trip....SSB, FM , CW and Digital.
Looking forward to working many of you !!

Steve Hutcherson <Wb5cts@...>

GM Tom,

I will look for you Saturday from DM22QQ Yuma. May be tough getting over Telegraph Pass but, lets try it.
NMVHF # 42