N7GP/R Rover plans for this weekend JUNE VHf CONTEST

Tom N7GP

To ALL...

I will be starting out this Saturday at beginning of the contest at the Junction on DM32 and Dm33....then moving to DM 42 and DM 43.. I plan on making this loop twice to pick up everyone..
Saturday night, over night will be in DM42 and DM43, DM32, DM33 primarily 6 and 2 meters FT8/4 and MSK 144.....
Sunday morning at dawn AZ time,1200 UTC ,I will be starting DM32, then DM42, DM43, DM33, DM34, and DM44,,, then the far west end of DM45,,, and If all goes well I will end up toward end of contest in DM 35 just west of Flagstaff, AZ.........
I will have 6, 2, 222, 432, 903, 1296 and 2304.. good power and decent antennas.....SSB,,,,CW,,FM,or ANY DIGITAL mode....I am willing to try any FM contact on any band!!!
I will be available for any pre-arranged skeds, via this email address wa8wzg@... or CELL PHONE,,, 419-370-8802.
IF YOU HEAR me and cant get my attention, call!!!
AS a side note,, WE all know that 6 meters has BEEN HOT lately with openings every day..... that said.. IT may change how long I stay in one grid,,
hoping to work a lot of you , ,