Michael Daly

N5SJ/M itinerary - NM QSO Party

Here is our itinerary for the NM QSO Party Saturday. Mike N5SJ will operate while Ken, KG5IDN will drive the Cool Bus. If propagation is good, you should be able to find me pretty much anytime around the suggested frequencies. I will also have APRS so you can track our progress.
This will be a kind of a test for the new antennas. Using the Reverse Beacon Network we compared the verticals to a 40 meter dipole up 35' and were pretty close, amazing ourselves. We will see what the real world has to say about that.
Please do not text or call during the contest about arranging QSOes or frequencies as that is forbidden in the rules. There is a suggestion in the rules about NM stations going to the suggested operating frequencies at the top of the hour to work other NM stations, and I will try to do that.

We will operate mainly 40M CW and SSB and 20M CW and SSB.

It easy for us to get behind or ahead of schedule, so don’t hold me to this exact schedule, but we will try as best as we can.

Time in (UTC/MDT) County Time out (UTC/MDT)

1400/0800 Sandoval/Bernalillo 1445/0845 45 min.

1445/0845 in motion Bernalillo 1530/0930 45 min.

1530/0930 Bernalillo/Valencia 1600/1000 30 min.

1600/1000 in motion Valencia 1630/1030 30 min.

1630/1030 Valencia/Socorro 1640/1040 10 min.

1640/1040 in motion Socorro 1825/1225 45 min.

1825/1225 in motion Lincoln 2015/1415 1 h 50 min.

2015/1415 in motion Chavez 2120/1520 1 h 05 min.

2120/1520 in motion De Baca 2220/1620 1 h

2220/1620 in motion Roosevelt 2300/1700 40 min.

2300/1700 in motion Curry 2400/1800 1 h

2400/1800 in motion Quay 0100/1900 1 h

0100/1900 Quay/San Miguel 0100/2000 1 h

Mike, N5SJ & Ken, KG5IDN