KK6MC/r in January VHF Contest

James Duffey

Here is my preliminary itinerary for the January VHF contest. As has become my tradition, I am going south and west for the January contest. I have had enough of scraping 6 inches of snow off the rover in the morning or mucking about in slush to get ready. As a result of this QSOes may be difficult with many of you from northern and central NM from some of the stops. 

I also have rearranged things a bit and am starting in El Paso and working my way over to AZ so that I can be on in AZ Sunday morning for the SOTA activity.

I will have all bands 50MHz to 1296MHz. I will have APRS through cell coverage, look for KK6MC-6 on APRS.fi.  You can text (preferred) or call (505) 228-5491 to contact me. Good luck to all!

January 2019 ARRL VHF Contest KK6MC/r itinerary

Time on Time off Grid Notes

January 19, 2019

1900Z 2015Z DM61rv Transmountain Scenic Overlook, El Paso

2130Z 2245Z DM62if I -10 Rest Area

January 20, 2019 (UTC)

0015Z 0130Z DM52pi Lordsburg NM rest area

0200Z 0315Z DM52kf San Simon rest area

0700Z Stop for night at Chandler, AZ

1400Z 1515Z DM42ax Maricopa Convergence

1525Z 1640Z DM32xx Maricopa Convergence

1650Z 1805Z DM33xa Maricopa Convergence

1815Z 1930Z DM43aa Maricopa Convergence

2125Z 2240Z DM34xm AZ164 just W of I-17

2340Z 0055Z DM44et Mogollon Rim scenic overlook

January 21, 2019 (UTC)

0200Z 0315Z DM45et Lowell Observatory scenic overlook

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM