June VHF - W9RM

Keith Morehouse

It appears all is a go on the bottom 4 bands this weekend.  Hope to hear a few NMVHF guys, more hopefully, above 6M.  I will try to leave one radio on 144.200 and keep one eye on the SDR display while working 6M.  Call CQ or something on 2M if you can't find me on 6.

I hope this doesn't turn out to be a FT8 contest.  I will attempt to work my share if the band isn't open well, but I refuse to sit on 50.313 during a good Es opening, limping along at 40/hr.  If the band opens and there's nobody to run on SSB, I'm done with it.

Equipment as follows... good luck all.

50.  KW, 7el @ 40', 7el at 65', 5el @ 30'
144.  600W, 2M5WL @ 50'
222.  400W, 5WL @ 70'
432.  KW, 9WL @ 75'

-W9RM DM58xn

Keith Morehouse
via MotoG