January VHF Contest Plans N7GP/R

Tom N7GP

To All...
For JAN VHF contest this weekend ...
I will be starting in DM35 At 1900 UTC,,

Then I will move to DM44, and DM34 until 0300 UTC,,

PLEASE NOTE, this will depend on Accessibility due to snow in High country. I will keep everyone posted

I will returning to DM42 late night Sat. and will be running MSK 50.260 over night from DM42, and DM32..

Sunday morning I will start at 1500 in DM31, then move to DM43, DM42, DM33, and DM32, By 1900 UTC,( Noon Arizona time) and will circle those grids spending 2 hours in each until and circling until end of contest.

I will have all bands 6 meters thru 10 GHz ,,

Cw, SSB and FM on ALL bands,,
PLUS digital on 6 , 2 and 432
I will be on Rover Slack and this email
And cell# is 419-370-8802....so please get with me for ANY skeds or if you want to try a contact..
Good luck to everyone..
Hope to work MANY of you ,,
6 meter Beacon 50.070 DM42dw
and others see WWW.AZVHF.ORG for details