[Gmc] ARRL June 8-9 VHF Contest

Keith Morehouse

I'm hoping to have 6 through 432 operational again for the June contest.  It all depends on whether I have the time and weather cndx to get the temp tower up.  If I have full capability, I'd love to set up some basic times where I can look for GMCC & NMVHF op's on the 4 bands, or on 2M with QSY after that.

6 -    7el @ 40', 7 (or 9) el @ 70' and 5 el @ 25', 1KW
144 - 5 WL yagi @ 45', 600W
222 -  5 WL yagi @ 75', 400W
432 - 9 WL yagi @ 80', 1 KW

I also could have 900 and/or 1296 available with notice and enuf interest - 1 KW on 900 ( !!!! - yep...) and 130W on 1296 w/ various antennas (whatever I can find that's whole).

If I can't get the other tower up, I will be limited to 2 antennas on 6 at 40' and 25' and 2M.

Please make an effort to get on 2M and up.  We are at a great disadvantage out here without the vast number of mults the east can easily work on 2 and above.


Keith J Morehouse
Managing Partner
Calmesa Partners G.P.
Olathe, CO


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Date: Tue, 21 May 2019 15:14:40 +0000
From: Ken Anderson <w0ett@...>
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Subject: [Gmc] ARRL June 8-9 VHF Contest

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The biggest VHF event is coming up on June 8-9 (starts at noon Saturday if I remember correctly).   Hope all members who have 6m and 2m CW or SSB can get on and make some QSOs to help the VHF contesters add some Q's and grid multipliers.  Operations from home stations or from your mobile as a rover in two or more grids is highly welcomed.  Doesn't take too much to be a rover - just a 1/4 wave whip available at HRO for about $20-25 and a mag mount (I've used a three mag mount) - and then find a high spot hopefully in a semi rare grid outside the metro area.   You can log on paper and enter the Q's in your computer log at home.

Keep an ear open for our club's enthusiastic VHFers:  W9RM in DM58, N7MZW DN71, WC7S DN71, and N0KE DM69.

73 Ken, W0ETT