Designating non-RTTY digital QSO's in future VHF contest logs

Keith Morehouse

The following is from N5RZ, who is doing the results write-up for the ARRL September VHF contest.  Up until now, there has never really been a official position on how to log QSO's made using any WSJT mode.  Some just use 'PH' for phone, since the radio is usually set to USB and others always used 'RY' to designate the QSO as something different.  Now we have a preference for 'DG', which I will begin using next month in the January VHF contest.


Notes and Observations 

FT8 usage continues to surge, as was most apparent this September during an event with limited propagation enhancement. While 6-meter FT8 is expanding and well established, in some areas 2-meter FT8 activity is just taking root. Even though it is not required to specify FT8 (or other digital modes) in Cabrillo-formatted logs, it would be great to get a handle on how many QSOs are made via the various digital modes. To that end, for future contests, the Cabrillo specifications have recently been updated to designate “DG” as a mode representing nonRTTY digital modes. Things are also apparently changing in the way VHF QSOs are being conducted, and it would be great to somehow track the recent technology changes. The contest community is actively discussing ways to obtain that information.  -N5RZ


Keith J Morehouse
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