CQ WW VHF Result


Band   Mode     QSOs   Pts  Grd  Pt/Q
          50  FT4      1       1        0   1.0
          50  FT8     76      76     55   1.0
          50  MSK1    1       1      1     1.0
       Total  Both    78      78     56   1.0

            Score : 4,368

Not the best of times but an interesting time none-the-less. Started out in the hole, had a video conference that was supposed to end at noon local, went over by about 20 minutes. Quick lunch and then on the air. Had WSJT talking to N1MM+ on Friday. Communications failed Saturday morning. When I did get on I checked SSB and CW first. Heard two weak CW stations but no  contacts. Went to FT8 and found really tight spotlight prop. 7 of the first 9 Qs were in EM34/35. Slogged along most of the day with few decodes breaking +0. Conditions went up and down very rapidly,had stations call at +15 and the next call at -10. Saturday afternoon I got shutdown by a slow moving T-storm (didn't get enough rain to care about but lots of lightning). 

Had 2M on all day Sunday and never heard anyone. Disappointed with MSK Sunday morning, just one AZ QSO. Continued with FT8 and a single FT4 through Sunday. Late Sunday had another spotlight opening but this time into North Florida. Whole flock of CM89/89/98/99, etc with a few EM60's in between. That included our friend Mike, WB2FKO, in EM89. Missed John up in DM67 on Saturday, one decode only but did get him in the log on Sunday from DM63.

Highlight was my only new grid, 15 minutes before the contest end with W8ZN in EM87. Better yet, he's gong to put his Qs up on LoTW.



Like just about everybody, I experienced rapid fading throughout the contest that made most of the FT8 QSOs a real struggle. Or not complete at all. Many others have suggested that getting ops off 50.313 was needed for these conditions, but we just couldn't seem to get a critical mass. I was monitoring and calling on SSB and FT4 with very little success. This was certainly not the case for the June contest, perhaps because propagation was clearly much better and activity higher.

NM stations worked: AA5B, WD5COV, AA5PR/R in DM63, KC7QY, and possibly KK6MC. QSB prevented me from hearing an acknowledgement of my RRR on FT8, but I logged it anyway.

163 QSOs, 104 grids, 16,952 points claimed. Single band, low power.

Same setup as in June: 6M5X on 15 ft mast in front yard. Armstrong rotor. Had two extended shutdowns for T-storms, but such is life in Florida.

Mike WB2FKO EL89