Contest roving

John Klem

I'll be out this weekend roving during the ARRL June VHF contest. 
Saturday at 1800 Z I plan to start on the DM56xo/DM66ao line.  From this location I'll be giving out DM56 for the contest, but both DM56 and DM66 for anyone who wants a QSL.
Depending on how things go, I may or may not move at some point to DM66bm (not on a grid line).

Sunday I'll be operating from the DM85/DM86 line near DM86ja.  My starting time is TBD, but I don't expect it to be early.  It looks like there are two accessible and well-separated points on the line, and I will try to operate from both of them, giving out DM85 from one and DM86 from the other for the contest.

I can operate any mode, but based on past experience DM85 and DM86 are going to be pretty lonely except perhaps on the digital modes.  I'd be happy to try MSK144 (possibly backscatter) or Q65 with anyone who is relatively close but too distant or obstructed for decent troposcatter.

The best way to get my attention (I am hoping) will be on Slack VHF-Chat rover-raregrid.  I will also post updates to Slack NMVHF chat when I move, but not watching that.  I should have internet in DM56/66, but I'm not so sure about DM85/86.  If I'm absent from Slack on Sunday you might try one of my phones at 505-373-4671 or 505-339-5411 (text or voice).

I'll be on 6 (new 3 el. yagi), 2, and 432.

John, AA5PR/R