Central States VHF Society (CSVHF) Conference July 21-23, 2022, La Crosse, WI

James Duffey

After a two year Covid hiatus, the CSVHF conference is on this summer. I have attached a file describing the conference and host hotel. Hotel reservations are open now and conference registration begins around May 1.

I realize that not many will travel such long distances from NM to attend, but if you have other reasons to be in the area, or are looking for something different to do for summer travel, then you might. I have family in South Dakota, so I have two reasons to be in the area. 

I find the conference very pertinent, the technical talks are generally good, the antenna measurement range is great, even to watch if you don’t have an antenna to measure, there are esoteric discussions on low noise semiconductors over the noise figure measuring station, there are a number of ways to meet those guys you have talked to all over the country, the big names are surprisingly approachable, you get a proceedings with VHF information you can’t get anywhere else, a banquet where almost everyone gets a prize, and there is a swap evening to purchase or sell unusual VHF/microwave goodies.

It is a family friendly conference; Ginger likes to go and shew doesn’t often attend my ham radio conferences. There is lots to do in and around La Crosse if your family isn’t interested in the conference.  

If you have any questions, let me know and I can try to answer them. - Duffey KK6MC 

James Duffey
Cedar Crest NM