Jonesy W3DHJ

Saturday was grim. Sunday was probably grimmer.
My ONLY front range ("regional") QSOs were with
Ken, W0ETT, Duncan, WE7L, and George, AB0YM/r.
Those three folks made up 84% of my total contest QSOs.
Thank you fellas, for I would've given up and quit FAR sooner than I did.
Special thanks to Duncan, WE7L -- who spent a little time over the
weekend, trying to boost my spirits now-and-then.
My only other Colorado contest QSO was with Keith, W9RM.
Then there was Larry, N0LL.
THAT WAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I had "hopes" during the Broncos halftime - nothing.
I waited until a half hour after the Broncos game and gave up.
I monitored 2M during the 1 hour drive back home - zilch.
I should've quit at 2PM at my last QSO.
But for AB0YM/r, it was a waste of time to haul the 432mcs equipment
and put up the antenna at each stop.

I give up.
I've decided this is/was my last ARRL SEP VHF.
If most of the region's VHF operators think the ARRL SEP VHF
is not worth showing up for, who am I to buck the trend.

It's simply not worth the wear and tear on the equipment, the vehicle,
and me to spend Friday for vehicle setup, Monday for teardown, and waste
Saturday and Sunday listening to receiver static while swatting flies.

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