AA5PR/R in contest this weekend

John Klem

Here's my plan:
1800-2000 Z:  DM54xa
2030-0200Z or so: DM53ww
Probably get a late start, at best, and try to pick up a few either from DM65 or DM74.

I'll have 6 (100 W), 2 (100 W), 432 (50 W) and if anyone shows interest I'll have 1296 (10 W), with yagis on all bands.  FT8 on 50.313, 144.174, 432.174...1296.174 (?), and if I work you on one of those I'll then move up to the next higher band and try again.  SSB and CW in the usual places.  Q65 30A on 50.275 when nothing else is happening.
I should have cell service and be on Slack (message me either on VHF-Chat or New Mexico VHF Society) when in DM54, but I'm not counting on it in DM53.

Good luck,
John, AA5PR/R