AA5PR/R contest roving plans

John Klem

I'm heading northeast for the upcoming contest next weekend.  As usual, 6/2/432, 100/100/50 W, gain antennas.

Cell service at all sites looks marginal, so I plan to send updates via Slack NMVHF when I pass through an area between sites that is more likely to have service.

I'll point toward the ABQ/SF areas with FT8 on 50.313/144.174/432.174 and CW on 50.125/144.2/432.1 occasionally. When I was up in the same area in July, I left my severely terrain-challenged home station antenna looking in that direction and decoded myself at home on 6 m FT8 just fine, so no excuses!

Saturday 9/12
1800-2000Z DM86ab
2130-0000Z DM85av
0200-bedtimeZ DM76tb

Sunday 9/13
1200-1800Z DM85av
1930-0000Z DM86ab

John, AA5PR/R