AA5PR/R contest notes

John Klem

Thanks to Arne, N7KA, and Ed, N5JEH, for QSOs while I was in DM75, after having to throw out my original roving plan.  DM74 was a complete bust because I arrived just in time for a long thunderstorm.  Although I can tolerate a certain amount of wet, I have come to appreciate that raising antennas in the middle of an electrical storm is not a recipe for success.  Although I eventually got on the air, it wasn't in time to add any points.

So, back in my driveway in DM65 on Sunday, I was able to score a few QSOs using meteor scatter and FT8 on 6 m, making it a legit rover operation and breaking into the 3-digit score realm.

When I am in low-noise environments, even when 6 m is not open, I commonly see weak, unworkable signals from scatter of one sort or another, but I saw almost none of that this time around.  I don't know if that's an indication of low participation or particularly low MUF, or maybe both.  But this was definitely a tough one.

John, AA5PR/R