AA5PR/R ARRL June VHF roving plans

John Klem

My plan for this weekend is below.  I expect times will be accurate only given poor conditions on 6 m.  If 6 is open, I'll probably stay wherever I am until my productivity starts to seriously decline.

1800-1900 Z  DM74xv
1930-2030 Z  DM84at
2200- ? Z        DM85fa
I will stay in DM85fa as late as 0300 Z, depending on 6 m activity

1400-1500 Z  DM82ax
1530-1630 Z  DM83aa
1700-1800 Z  DM72xx
1830-1930 Z  DM73wb
2000 - ?  Z      Go back to some of the 4 previous grids

I'll have (all modes):
6 m:  100 W / Moxon
2 m:  100 W / 5 el
432:  50 W / 11 el

I haven't been to any of these places previously, but I expect to have decent cell coverage and to be on NMVHF Slack.  If things are slow there, I'll be on VHF-Chat Slack (rover-raregrid) instead. And I welcome texts from anyone in the area to 505-373-4671.

73 and good luck to all.

John  AA5PR/R