W3DHJ/R -- After Action Report

Jonesy W3DHJ

Long story short: There was damn little "action".

It was low, heavy clouds -- all day.
It was mist and rain -- all day.
On and off fog -- all day.
It hovered around 51-52 degrees all day.
Wretched propagation -- all day.

I came this >< close to not classifying as a rover.

WX started out as was on Saturday.
Sky finally opened to broken clouds by 10 A.M.
It went to clear, blue sky by 11 A.M.
But, the wretched propagation persisted.

Seven QSOs on 432.1 -- and one on 446 FM.
Four QSOs on 2M -- 2 SSB and 2 CW.
I never even heard any &$#%&* digital noise on 50.313

Did I mention that the propagation was wretched?

I could've written my log onto the palm of my hand.
If I was a much younger man, I would've kept it in my head.

All the QSOs - except one - were with the same three
gentlemen: Dave, KB0KQI; Bryan, KL7YY; and Duncun, WE7L.
The one other was a lucky snag of George, AB0YM/R on 432.
AB0YM was rovering in northern Colo., whilst I staggered
around in southern Colo.

If you didn't catch it, I said the propagation was WRETCHED.
I blame it mostly on the fire smoke from the California, Oregon,
and Idaho conflagrations. All that smoke is mostly carbon
particulates. And they make dummy loads with carbon elements,
don't they? Just saying.

Unless the upcoming solar peaking delivers 6M Es (and 2M Es) this
late into the Summer, this'll probably be my last ARRL SEP VHF.

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