ARRL Sep VHF W3DHJ/R Limited Rover

Jonesy W3DHJ

ARRL September VHF Contest - 2020
Call: W3DHJ/R
Operator(s): W3DHJ
Station: W3DHJ/R

Class: Limited Rover LP
QTH: DM77-78-87-88
Operating Time (hrs): 19.75

RoverLog QSOs by Activated Grid:
Grid QSOs
DM77 17
DM78 9
DM87 11
DM88 12

RoverLog Score Summary:
Band QSOs Value QSOPts Mults
50 3 1 3 2
144 28 1 28 8
432 18 2 36 5

Grids activated: 4

Totals: 49 67 19

Claimed Score: 1273

Old Skool: SSB & CW

As with everything 2020, this contest was "different".
I had 17 QSOs on 432; which exceeds the count in any VHF contest
since I added 432 in 2016. Too, 20 of my QSOs were CW; which is
double the count of _any_ VHF contest going back to my Rover
beginnings in 2006.

The 6 QSOs with John, AA5PR/R - 4 on 2M (1 PH!), 2 on 432 (1 PH!) -
to DM76, DM85, & DM86 in New Mexico were a Real Treat, and added
mightily to my score. Then there was the 2M CW QSO with Arne, N7KA
(DM65) also in N.M. It's been quite some time since I managed any weak
sig work into N.M.

Never heard any Wyo. or Nebr. OPs. Never heard George, AB0YM/r when he
was in that territory on Saturday. George and I completed several times
on Sunday. As usual I heard N0YK in Kansas on 2M Cw Sunday eve - Strong -
and, just as usual, he did not hear my reply.

Yes, as everyone has reported, 6 Meters was pure crap all weekend.
I had just three (3!) QSOs on Six.
There was some "suggestive" 6M skip starting up around 2030Z on Sunday,
but it never amounted to anything.

I feel, as on Field Day, that my CW QSOs should count as 2 points,
and every poor OP that completed with me and my cringe-worthy CW
should get 4 points. HI!HI!

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