[VHFcontesting] My article regarding the new WSJT modes and VHF contesting....with link this time....

Keith Morehouse

This is a longer version of an article Marshall, K5QE, wrote for NCJ.  It was too long for publication so a lot of the history and perspective was cut out of the article, which will appear some time in the future, either in NCJ or linked from one or another ARRL website.

I helped him refine the published version and was concerned a lot of the real 'meat' had been cut.  The original article, accessible via the dropbox link below, is a must-read for anyone interested in VHF contesting.

I'm very concerned about where the VHF bands (mostly 6M) are heading.  The wholesale adoption of JT65 & now FT8 WSJT modes has reduced SSB & CW activity to near zero on that band.  What this means from a contesting perspective, something everybody reading this should have a stake in (I sent this to two CONTESTING mail lists), is people are trading off high run-rate modes for much less efficient, albeit effective, digital modes.  This is not pushing the art of contesting forward.  This phenomenon is limited to VHF contests for the time being, as they are not mode-specific, but this appears to be the first time in contesting history where many people accept a step backwards in the ability to create score by using a much less efficient run mode.


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Hello all, my previous mail was useless as the reflector stripped off the attached article.

Here is a DropBox link that should work


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