September VHF - W9RM

Keith Morehouse

I will be 'available' during the contest and QRV with high power, 6 through 432.  I'll concentrate on being in the chair at the start and during peak meteor time on Sunday morning and trying to follow whatever rover scheduling I have knowledge of.  If you're a fixed station and want to work the DM58 mult on a schedule, let me know.  

I'll also browse the various VHF chat pages (, Slack, PJ, KST, ect).

6M:  KW + 9EL/7ELx2/5EL
2M:  600W + 5WL @ 50'
222: 500W + 5WL @ 65'
432: KW + 9WL @ 70'
(900/1296 waiting for someone to work)

-W9RM DM58xn

Keith Morehouse
via MotoG