AA5PR/R plans for contest

John Klem

I'll be starting the contest near Roswell Saturday, and slowly working back home. 
100 W + Moxon on 6 m
80 W + 6 el. yagi on 2 m
5 W + 11 el. yagi on 70 cm
FT8, CW, SSB on all

Approximate schedule:
6/8 Saturday 1800 UTC until ??  DM83cj
6/9 Sunday 1500 UTC until 1600 UTC DM73qw
6/9 Sunday 1830 UTC until ?? DM74cx; alternatively, I may stop first in DM75ba and backtrack to DM74cx around 2030, depending on what's happening on 6 m.
Quitting times on both days depend on level of activity/hunger/etc.

Please text me real-time at 505-373-4671 if you want to try.  I intend to post at nmvhf.org/chat when I start and quit each grid, but I don't expect I'll be closely watching the chat there.

John, AA5PR