June Contest Results


Nice write-ups from Duffey and Bill. Thanks.

As everyone has mentioned Saturday was almost enough to make one hang it up. Sounded more like the January contest. Worked KK6MC as he roved, W5UHF on all three bands and several others around NM.  Fortunately, Mark K5AM assured us that 6 would be open all day Sunday. He was nearly right on that prediction. Caught the opening to So Cal Sunday morning but it fizzled about the time I heard a call from CN89. Managed to log 6M Qs intermittently through the afternoon. Caught some double hop into FN grids and completed with VP9I on 6 CW. Somewhat like last year it appears that all the 8s and 9s were pointed to the northeast so they didn't hear much from the southwest and formed a pretty significant wall for a low power station out here trying to reach the double hop grids. I was pleased to see that, despite all the machinations about FT8, CW is still alive on 6M.

I did come across a "new" local, Dennis WV5G who was operating 6M battery powered from Mt Withington, DM63. He said he hadn't been on VHF in quite a while but had resumed interest. I invited him to check out the NM VHF Society.

My paltry score summary:

 Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Grd  Pt/Q
          50  CW      10      10    8   1.0
          50  USB     30      30   19   1.0
         144  CW       1       1    0   1.0
         144  USB      5       5    5   1.0
         420  USB      3       6    3   2.0
       Total  Both    49      52   35   1.1

            Score : 1,820