Re: FM simplex during VHF contests


What Bill said- and be prepared to talk for a few minutes.. and then the guys buddy who you are working gets back on the mic and you chat with him.
Hey I am out here in XX where are you? Oh ok that’s dm5x right ? Cool! What do you have for gear there... etc.

A lot of these guys will not answer to someone calling CQ contest.

Jay N1AV

On Jun 18, 2020, at 9:03 PM, Bill <bill4070@...> wrote:

Good question John,

I would say “AA5PR CQ simplex” and then say your location, not your gridsquare.

You’ll have a chance to explain the exchange once someone calls. Some folks are put off by contesters and will not answer. Sometimes helps if you slow down to ragchew pace.

GL Bill W7QQ
On Jun 18, 2020, at 6:13 PM, John Klem <klemjf@...> wrote:

Are there points to be had on FM simplex during the contests?

If so, what's the etiquette for getting them? I suspect that calling "CQ contest" on 146.52 might not fly....

John AA5PR

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