Re: FM simplex during VHF contests


I have had decent results in Albuquerque with FM simplex. Try the following: i) There is usually someone hanging out on 146.580. You can often move them to UHF simplex. ii) Make an announcement in real-time on the Megalink repeater system, ie. location (grid) and simplex frequency where you can QSY. I have had zero success doing this on the various club repeaters. iii) Sometimes the contest will coincide with the once-a-month Sunday evening simplex net on 146.400. You can run stations after the net, but explain what the exchange is beforehand.

Only ii) has any hope of working outside of DM65.


On 6/18/20 9:03 PM, N7OW wrote:
Obviously if someone is there no, but if the frequency is open I'll call on 2m and 70cm calling frequency a few times... But I won't "camp" there, if I start getting a pile up ill have everyone follow me off frequency.

Ryan - N7OW 

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020, 5:13 PM John Klem <klemjf@...> wrote:
Are there points to be had on FM simplex during the contests?

If so, what's the etiquette for getting them?  I suspect that calling
"CQ contest" on 146.52 might not fly....

John AA5PR

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