Re: Interesting propagation phenomenon

James Duffey

There has been some work in New Zealand:

And in Europe:

It seems that MSK144would be suitable for this, perhaps in the quick (5sec turnaround) mode. - Duffey

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

On Jun 16, 2020, at 19:38, Keith Morehouse <w9rm@...> wrote:

Anybody have any experience with lightning enhancement on 2M or above ?

I knew such a thing existed but I've never experienced it until Saturday.  I had the 2nd radio sitting on 144.200 while I was looking for mults on 6M.  There was a pretty good line of strong t-storms to the east, over the continental divide.  For about 20-30 minutes, every time there was a strong static crash, it was accompanied by an obvious SSB signal that lasted maybe .2 to .5 seconds.  Just like a SSB meteor ping.

I assume they were probably guys out in the plains east of Denver - maybe 200 miles away.

With the new digital meteor scatter modes available, I'll bet this could actually be useful.


Keith Morehouse
via MotoG

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