Re: DM86 - Capulin Volcano

Bill Mader, K8TE

I met Bernie during NPOTA in 2016.  We setup, made a bunch of HF contacts, and waited for the thunderstorm to stop (antenna disconnected) and after closing, to tear down.  Another ham with family in an RV showed up to visit.  He had trashed his HF antenna on a low overhang.  Ah, the joys of portable/mobile operations!

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On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 1:33 PM Bob Norton <n5epa.bob.n@...> wrote:
Thanks Jonesy,

Good pics and comments by Ranger Bernie

73 Bob N5EPA

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 10:46 AM Jonesy W3DHJ via <> wrote:
When I arrived at the upper parking lot at Capulin Volcano the
NPS "parking lot" attendant turned out to be a ham, too.  Not a
shack-on-the-hip guy, either.  A full fledged HF and 6M op.

Anyway, he wanted to post my "activity" on FaceBook --
which was ok with me:

The post is about half-way down the page this morning.
Even some of the comments are interesting.

I'm surprised he got a decent picture of the vehicle.  My memory is
that I was penned in by other vehicles and gobs of COVID-19 expats.

Do I get a 100 points for that -- like for Field Day?    HI!HI!

More later as I tear apart the Rover Jalopy and locate all my clay
tablets (which should be dry now in this heat....)

I'm writing a python program to automatically convert PNG images of
my clay tablets into Cabrillo formatted logs.  Real Soon Now...  :-)

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