DM86 - Capulin Volcano

Jonesy W3DHJ

When I arrived at the upper parking lot at Capulin Volcano the
NPS "parking lot" attendant turned out to be a ham, too. Not a
shack-on-the-hip guy, either. A full fledged HF and 6M op.

Anyway, he wanted to post my "activity" on FaceBook --
which was ok with me:

The post is about half-way down the page this morning.
Even some of the comments are interesting.

I'm surprised he got a decent picture of the vehicle. My memory is
that I was penned in by other vehicles and gobs of COVID-19 expats.

Do I get a 100 points for that -- like for Field Day? HI!HI!

More later as I tear apart the Rover Jalopy and locate all my clay
tablets (which should be dry now in this heat....)

I'm writing a python program to automatically convert PNG images of
my clay tablets into Cabrillo formatted logs. Real Soon Now... :-)

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