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Keith Morehouse

Bob, you could go right east across the valley to the Truchas overlook in DM76 and probably be the only guy active from that grid.  I'd love to work you on 6 from there.

Site details are here:


Keith Morehouse
via MotoG

On Mon, Jun 8, 2020, 4:19 PM Arne N7KA <N7KA@...> wrote:
Probably anywhere in DM66 to provide a needed multiplier to others.

Arne N7KA
On 06/08/2020 3:06 PM redarlington <rdarlington@...> wrote:

Hi guys,

I'd like to participate in the contest this weekend to do an equipment shakedown.  I hear there are some locations that I can drive to and setup and make a few Qs, but really have no idea about where the preferred locations are or what's even close to me (I'm in Los Alamos).    

The plan is to drag out the 6 meter hexbeam (folds up), small 2 meter beam (Arrow, handheld but probably will strap it down to a pole), 23cm (cheap yagi with 25W DEMI transverter), and 10GHz dish (DEMI transverter right into the feed, 10mW I think).   I'd appreciate any recommendations that are not crazy far from home on where to setup.   

-Bob N3XKB

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