KK6MC/r Schedule

James Duffey

Here is my rove schedule for the January VHF/UHF contest

I will start at the Maricopa convergence, Southeast of Maricopa

Time(Z) Grid Time (MST)
1900 DM33ax 1200
2005 DM32xx 1305
2110 DM42xa 1410
2215 DM43aa 1515

I can stay and make another short sweep here to work the guys who show up on 1296 at 1600 MST
I will operate in motion, calling on 144.2 and 50.125

Time(Z) Grid Time (MST)
0100 DM34we 1800

At about 0200Z we will move on to Flagstaff where we will spend the night. I may operate from the hotel parking lot if activity warrants it.

I will also operate in motion between locations

1500 DM45ee 0800
1800 DM55ca 1100
2000 DM54cz 1300
2330 DM55xi 1630
0230 DM65ob 1930 Top of Nine mile hill

To end of contest.

I will have APRS by cell phone.

6M 100W Moxon
2M 100W 8ft Yagi
222 120W 8ft Yagi
432 50W 8ft Yagi
902 25W 4ft Yagi
1296 10W 4ft Yagi

You can text (preferred) or call me at 505 228 5491.

Hope you have a good contest. Listen for the weak ones. - Duffey KK6MC

James Duffey KK6MC cell phone
Cedar Crest NM

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