Re: About being Rover in ARRL JUNE VHF -- in NM



Sure, we'll have you!  Good luck in June.

73 Bill W7QQ

On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 1:03 PM Jonesy W3DHJ via <> wrote:
... and to some degree, the July CQ WW VHF, too.

The ARRL JUNE VHF is just 4 weeks away.  I've seen nothing (yet) from
the ARRL v-a-v "special conditions" governing the contest with regards
to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Tho', I see other, past contests had
eliminated the Multi-Op category.  But, I could see the Rover category
being dropped if various states have restrictions on travel -- thus
putting many Rovers at a disadvantage.

Of course, I have NO plans involving direct human contact while
rovering.  At most I may confront a DIY gas pump.  HI!HI!

As for my plans, this year I wanted to drop down into N.M. (if you'll
have me - HI!HI!) and start on Capulin Volcano on Saturday in DM86.
After that I would work my way north on various blue (and brown) roads
into Colorado for DM87 and DM88.

The Capulin Volcano conditions look "sort of OK":
but the wording is perplexing.  In one place it states "The Volcano Road
is closed to RVs, buses, attached trailers or any other vehicles over 26
feet long while the road has the one-lane section."  And, in another
place it says, "The Capulin Volcano Visitor Center, Volcano Road, and
Park Store will be closed until further notice."  So, I'm unsure if one
can drive a vehicle to the upper parking lot.

To, I'm unsure what New Mexico restrictions and regulations might be in
effect for travelers -- either now, or in the next 28 days.  Would some
kindly NM op pass along a website URL that contains state-wide
COVID-19 restrictions?  Thank you!

It is VERY MUCH out of the ordinary for me to be planning something like
this so far in advance.  These are, indeed, unusual times.

Wash your hands after handling this email.
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