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Floyd K5LA

Sorry to hear that Stan is a SK.   I first met Stan years ago  in 1977.  HE worked for Motorola at the time.  We were just forming the West Texas Repeater association at that time.

Be careful Ed…The last thing we need is that virus.


Floyd, K5la


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Thanks Arne for writing this. I had started but just could not get the words to come out.


I had not known Stan as long as others here (20 years) but he was a true friend. He was a 6 meter lover. The last few years all he wanted was another Es season to work 6.

Stan spent most of his radio life on the HF bands and then one day he found out his radio covered 6 meters. He gave up HF and spent all his time on 6. A true NM 6 Meter beacon.


I had not heard him on the radio in quiet a spell so I started calling his cell phone and leaving voice mails to call me. All went unanswered. I then call the Police to do a Health and welfare check. The Police said no one came to the door. There were no signs of forced entry.

This was strange. His wife was confined to a wheelchair and had 24/7 care living with them. Both were never away from home at the same time.

I did some searching on line for his son’s phone number but all numbers were no longer in use.

I sent a message to Dane WB9ERE who Stan used to talk to almost every day and asked if he knew anything. He called Bill W5WM who told him that Stan had become a SK in January.

Dave called me and told me that news that I knew was going to be bad.

I still can not find any document the says he died in January.

I had visited Stan and his wife on January 16th had coffee and spent an hour just talking about the good old days.

We hug and said good bye. I did not think it would be the last time.


Stan we will always remember W5 Zipper Flipper. He would call CQ on 6 and end it with “I Still believe in Miracles”     73 my friend


Ed n5jeh



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Thanks to Ed, N5JEH, for alerting me that Stan, W5ZF, became a silent key on 22 January 2020.  Calls to the known home phone result in a recording stating the phone has been temporarily disconnected.   Ed has not been able to get any additional info and there is no known contact info to any family members.  If anyone knows of additional information please post it to the NMVHFS groups


Stan was very active on 6M and was often referred to as the Albuquerque 6M beacon by Lance, W7GJ.  If there  was an opening on 6M Stan was probably one of the first in the ABQ area to know of it.  Stan never ran more that 100W to a pair of M2INC HO LOOPS however he had a number of JA stations in his log and approximately 45 entities worked.  Stan completed WAS on 6M several years ago. He had worked Remi, FK8CE, a number of years before I was able to do the same.  Stan was an excellent CW op, his preferred operating mode.  Stan was a long time DXer and past member of the Albuquerque DX Association and had achieved DXCC Honor Roll.  Stan was first licensed as W6BCT in the Los Angeles, CA in Nov 1947.  He was a member of A1-OPR club.  His  biography on QRZ.COM has additional  information.


I  am sure many of us will miss his presence on 6M.


RIP Stan


Arne N7KA

Secretary, NMVHFS


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