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James Duffey

Let me add to Bill’s note. I am particularly impressed by the response we have had to the NMVHF Society start. Thanks to all who have joined and contributed to the success of the society. A great deal of the motivation for forming the society was to assist people getting on VHF for the first time, or to assist those who want to improve their VHF capabilities or expand their VHF horizons. If you have a question or need assistance just give a shout and chances we have someone who can help. We have members who are active from 6M to 24GHz, and from QRP levels to legal limit. There are DX chasers, grid chasers, contesters, digital ops and more. Chances are if you have a question there is someone who can help answer it. Just ask.

As contest chairman, I am particularly pleased with the participation we had for the June VHF contest, where we placed 9th in the nation for medium clubs and in the 222MHz and up contest, where the results are not official, but it looks like we placed fourth in the club category, several members place high, and the Roverrunners team placed high nationally as well. Several of our members placed high in the region.  This is particularly good as in the not too recent past there was no activity in the old UHF contest. So, congratulations and thanks to all who contributed to the club score. We are getting noticed at a national level and giving established contest clubs a run for their money in the VHF contest club competitions. Good job all.

The January contest will be on us soon, happening the third weekend in January; January 20 to 22nd. The January contest is a crap shoot, often there is little propagation other than local, but there is usually an Es opening or two on 6M. These are usually no where near the magnitude of the June openings, but can be quite rewarding in what is an otherwise dead band. I plan to rove in the January contest and will go to Arizona for the rove. Weather is better and after setting up the rover in wet snow last year, I decided to go to warmer climes. I will stop at several sites where I can work back to NM easily, at least on 2M, including several that don’t have much activity. Others will be harder, but most will be doable. I will publish a full itinerary later.  Look for it. 

We are trying to migrate this large e-mail list to an e-mail reflector. The e-mail reflector is hosted on . If you already have an account on, please log into your account and add NMVHF to your groups. If you don’t belong to, it is easy to set up an account and then sign up for NMVHF. Many e- mail reflector groups are migrating to as it offers a reliable and hassle free alternative to other host sites such as yahoo or google groups. If you can, please use it. 

Thanks and thanks for making the NMVHF society a success! - Duffey KK6MC

James Duffey KK6MC
Cedar Crest NM

On Dec 24, 2017, at 08:00, MIke Daly <arrowengineering1@...> wrote:

Very nice! Bill should we be considering ft 8 for one of the contests. It seems to be taking off

On Dec 23, 2017 21:16, "Bill Schwantes" <bill4070@...> wrote:

Greetings New Mexico VHF Society members!

I hope each of you is getting into the Christmas spirit.  It always seems sudden to me.  Before I know it Christmas is here.  This year as you settle in by the fire you’re invited to reflect on what a great year we had as a club.

Our membership just reached 49, with the recent addition of WD5COV David, and his very capable station in Deming. We’ve put a good deal of effort into expanding the Society with stations and operators outside the population centers. This year we’ve added two new operators in the Clovis area, one in Silver City, and now Deming. Membership growth is only part of our success story in 2017.

I’ve gotten many positive comments about the activity level in New Mexico and nearby states.  Some say it wasn’t this good even in the VHF heyday but I suspect that may be a stretch. Each of you should feel really good about your part in this “bloom” of activity. On any given morning we now have 175 mile ragchews on 144 MHz. Contest contacts of 250 miles are commonplace and the guys in El Paso typically make 265 mile checkins to the 222 net each week. Last summer, two of our members caught a nice 2 meter opening and worked SSB nearly 1000 miles to northeast Washington…… yes, 144 MHz.  Another made contacts with 22 Japanese stations and 2 stations in China on 6 meters. Many are improving their stations with better antennas, hotter receivers and more power. The 10 GHz band has 3 or more operators and there are at least 2 stations with 24 GHz capability. Life has improved for VHF’rs across New Mexico.

This past summer we were privileged to support the Central States VHF Society Conference, held in Albuquerque, and provided the VHF 102 learning opportunity for 34 participants.  What a great experience! Our support was rewarded by the presentation of the Presedent’s award for our efforts in expanding VHF participation.

In the ARRL June VHF contest we entered club competition for the first time ever. Those 18 participants finished 9th in the nation in club competition; besting many experienced clubs.  Some said it was beginners luck, but most recognize it as a well organized broadly coordinated performance by our club that payed off. Many members made extra effort to see that everyone got the help they needed to get their contest logs submitted before the deadline. It was a great team effort.

Final results of the August UHF contest are still not official but preliminary results indicate that we may have improved our national standing established in June.  This wasn’t just a fluke! There were a couple of visiting rovers, one with band coverage to 47 GHz and again we had great coordinated effort across the state.

At the CSVHF Conference we held our annual meeting and took away two actions: 1) To initiate a “Worked all New Mexico Grids” program to award those who turned their antennas our way and looked for the increased activity here. 2) To set up a program recognizing our members long distance contacts by band and mode.  I'm pleased to report that both programs are in place and described on the website. The Society successfully held on-line elections and solidified your leadership team for 2 years.

Before I sign off, I want to solicit your ideas and comments in support of our objective: to increase participation on the VHF+ bands in and around New Mexico.

So, on behalf of our officers, website manager, and committee members, congratulations, thumbs up and well done!  This has been a pretty darned good first year. Thank you, one and all.

73, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Bill W7QQ

New Mexico VHF Society President


Arne N7KA  --  NMVHFS Secretary

Mike WB2FKO  --  NMVHFS  Webmaster

Duffey KK6MC  --  NMVHFS  Contest Committee Chair

And may others who have had a direct bearing on NMVHFS success in the year 2017

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