Re: NMVHF SLACK chat page during this weekends JANUARY VHF CONTEST

Bob Norton

I am no longer using satellite internet service with its slow latency. That always screwed up my attempts to communicate effectively on any chatroom. Well, kinda screwed up the chatroom too.

Have now had point-to-point high speed, fixed wireless internet access for about 2 months. Very pleased with its performance and reliability. Lobo Internet solved my dilemma by mounting their antenna up my guyed tower at about 78-79 feet, just below the Tailtwister rotator and below the HF Yagi at 86 feet. Gave me a path above the hills and trees to access the internet network via their antennas mounted on NN5K, Dave's, tower.

Will give Slack Chat a try/listen this weekend.

73, Bob N5EPA

On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 11:39 AM Mike WB2FKO <mph@...> wrote:

No formal invite needed. Use the link in the upper-left corner here:


On 1/14/20 12:14 PM, Keith Morehouse wrote:
A reminder to all - the club has a Slack workspace page that has been quite useful in past contests.  It's super easy to switch back and forth between it and the VHF Slack pages formed by N5TM, which is widely used as a chat hub here in the SW and NW USA.  These Slack workspaces have become one of two normal places to meet and set up 50 MHz+ skeds (the other being PingJockey).

If you're not currently signed up for it, there is an "invite" process, although I'm not sure who has to do the inviting.


Keith J Morehouse
Managing Partner
Calmesa Partners G.P.
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