AA5PR/R roving plans

John Klem

I'll be roving southwest NM this weekend for the contest.  I'll be on NMVHF Slack chat and wherever else I can find takers.  Feel free to text me at 505-373-4671 if you want to get my attention. Times are approximate - I intend to provide updates on Slack.

50 MHz  100 W  Moxon
144 MHz 100 W  6 el.
432 MHz 50 W  11 el.

All modes.

1900-2030Z  DM52ta
2100-2230Z  DM51tx
2345-0115Z  DM61bx
0145-0300Z  DM62ba
1900-2000Z  DM53xx
2030-2130Z  DM54xa
2200-2300Z  DM64aa

John AA5PR

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