June vhf contest

Bruce Draper

I finally got around to looking at my log checking report from the contest. (If you haven't already done it, you should. They're here: www.arrl.org/contest-log-checking-reports). Out of almost 300 QSOs, I had 3 "not in log" errors. One was with W5ZF. I don't know why Stan didn't log our contact. Another was with K7ZS, who mistakenly logged our 6-meter contact on 2 meters (I don't have any gear on that band). The third was W2EG, probably my fault. Otherwise a clean log, and I'm pleased.

K5TA and I do the writeups for the ARRL Sweepstakes, and we usually discuss logging accuracy. In that contest, most of the serious entrants fall into the 1-5% range for error rate. I don't know what it's like on VHF, but I bet some of you can chime in and let us know.

Bruce, AA5B

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