Re: What are people's plans for September VHF contest?

Keith Morehouse

Just signed up for the mail reflector.

I will not be seriously working the contest but will be available on 6 & 2 to help others.  I will probably hit meteor scatter hard Sunday morning, looking for new 2M grids.  However, I had to tilt the 6/2 tower over this morning to troubleshoot a VSWR problem on 2M.  I don't foresee any problem fixing it, so it should be back in operation by the weekend.

Anybody roving up this way ?  If you're going to be close enough and serious enough, I can set the rover station up for 222 through 1296 and park it next to the shack.

if anybody in NMVHFS wants to set up a sked beforehand, please email me.


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