Frequency Calibration


I've run through the frequency calibration process in WSJT-X and up until the past week or so felt good about my rigs frequency.  However, I've worked a few stations that report I'm off frequency on 2M by anywhere from +1500 Hz to -600 Hz.  The -600 Hz report was from an op running with a GPSDO as was the +1500 Hz report.  I've had a couple of reports in the -200 to + 200 Hz arena from ops that have "calibrated" rigs.  So my question revolves around how to really determine if I am off frequency and if so, by how much.  I had my rig, a TS-2000, serviced in August, and the tech said it was now off at 10 MHz by 0.3 Hz.  The WSJT-X calibration process adjusts my 2M frequency by approximately 12 Hz, and I really question if I am off frequency.

KD - N5KS DM95be

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