Re: [AOCC] ARRL Sep VHF K7HP Single Op LP


I have only been on VHF (6 and 2) since late May.  My first experience on 6M is hundreds of signals at most times of the day, only on FT8.  I have listened and called CQ on CW and SSB, but to this day, no takers.  So the vast majority of my 6M contacts are FT8.  During August I drifted to MSK since it seemed that FT8 was dead, and I did make contacts.  Fast forward to this weekend, and I was puzzled why so many people wanted me to try FT8 with them on 6M.  Anytime that I listened to the FT8 frequency on 6M, I got a burst every now and then.  No full period signal with one exception.  I worked W7DHH Saturday night.  He had a huge signal on the 600+ mile path and we tied up the QSO in normal time.  I heard him for at least 30 minutes longer calling CQ.  I don't know what the propagation mode was but that was the only good signal I heard on 6M FT8 the whole weekend.  My point is that I'm flabbergasted that anyone was using FT8  except to work very close stations.  2M on the other hand, was great for FT8.  All but 2 of my contacts on 2M were FT8 and they were in the 200 to 400 mile range.

This was my very first contest in my 49 years of ham radio.  It was definitely a huge learning experience.

73 de N5KS - KD

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