Re: KK6MC/r activity



6M SSB starts at 50.125 and goes up from there if the band opens up. The segment 50.100 to 50.125 is reserved for DX operations, technically for intercontinental QSOs but you will hear XE stations there if there is prop. 6M CW is pretty much confined to 50.090 to 50.100 though you may find a few stations working below .090. 50.090 is the official calling frequency but I often hear stations calling around 50.098 +/-. 2M calling frequency is 144.200, you'll find both SSB and CW there.

Good luck. Try to work the rovers when they change grids. You can work them each time they are in a new grid.


On Saturday, September 14, 2019, 11:24:08 AM MDT, KD <n5ks@...> wrote:

Never participated in the VHF+ contests, but plan to make some noise this weekend.  What QRG is used for CW and SSB on 6M and 2M.  Just wondering where to listen.

73 de N5KS - KD

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